Comprehensive Property Management Services

Civix Property Management in Sarasota, Florida specializes in all aspects of the trade. For communities, associations, developers, and homeowners, we take charge of the job, including administrative, financial, and physical management tasks.

Stress yourself out no more. Enjoy the convenience of having only one company handling all the managerial tasks connected to operating your income properties.

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Our Software

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Leave All of Your Association Tasks to Us.

As business managers, we take charge of all association duties with plan options for HOAs that prefer to remain self-managed. This allows your association to stay focused on keeping business operations going.

On the other hand, our accounting and financial management teams oversee transactions and various financial matters involving community volunteers. For optimal operating efficiency, we use state-of-the-art software.

Our Pledge to Board Directors

Managing communities is an in-depth process far more rewarding when undertaken with our team. We make sure you understand what we offer and walk you through the steps to help you accomplish your duties and goals.

Focus on peaceful, financially strong, and thriving communities. We share every client’s goal of creating the ideal equation of excellent livability and marketability. Let’s work together.

Board members receive a full packet five (5) days before meetings take place to ensure more successful conferences. We follow best practices to make meetings more meaningful, timely, and effective.

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Open Dialogue Is Invaluable Always Find a Meeting Space

Hold meetings in our private conference room with a 70-inch TV for your presentations. Our room offers teleconferencing and Zoom meeting capabilities. Our meeting room is available by reservation at no cost.


Using proprietary software, we can seamlessly process and facilitate community compliance. Board members can rest assured that they are meeting the required timelines as set out by statutes.


Nothing beats picking up the phone and speaking directly with a person who genuinely cares and wants to help you.

On rare occasions where voicemail is required, receive a live response within 24 business hours.


We never ignore emails or let any message go without giving our response. Expect us to provide a live, substantive response that answers your inquiries. Like with voicemail, we promptly respond within 24 business hours.

Owner’s Portal

Owners enjoy full access to their accounts via our owner’s portal. This way, they can monitor real-time financial, account, and insurance information, as well as minutes of meetings, agendas, violations, ACH requests, and the like.


We have negotiated with trusted vendors for your required mailings for the best mailing prices. These savings get passed straight to the association without any markup.

Let Us Be Your Guiding Light

Our management team serves communities needing knowledgeable guidance from professionals without having to sign up for service contracts. This is ideal for self-managed communities and developer-controlled communities.